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Non-Medical Transportation

Non-Medical Transportation

Non-Medical Transportation assists a person with transportation to their day services,

employment services, or places of employment.

Non-Medical Transportation includes transportation to get to, from, between, or among:

  • A place of employment

  • A location where adult day support, career planning, group employment support, individual employment support, or vocational habilitation is provided to the individual.

  • A volunteer activity

  • A post-secondary educational program

  • An internship or practicum

  • A drop-off or transfer location from which the individual is then transported to or from one of above listed places.


Our Fleet

Spark Specialized Services has a variety of vehicles in their fleet that will fit any sized group contentedly. Spark Specialized Services takes tremendous pride in providing safe and reliable transportation to their individuals to get them to their designated destination. Spark supports the dreams and aspirations of each person we service by providing them opportunities for community integration.


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